The Need For Change Management

What is Change?

Change is the result of any shift in strategy, structure and systems. These needed changes are a strategic effort by leaders to survive, grow, transform and maintain their competitive advantage, in an ever-changing, highly competitive environment.

Why is Change Management Important?

Simply put, change management helps people to successfully adopt the required behaviours needed to realise the benefit (business case) of the change. Research shows that a large contributor to change not being delivered successfully (or at all) is due to a lack of psychological engagement.

What is Change Management?

Change management is a discipline, based on psychological principles, that uses tools, processes and techniques to engage with people and lead them through change, to achieve business objectives.

Why is the Integration of Change and Project Management Necessary?

Project management focuses on achieving project objectives by managing both people and tasks through applied project processes, methods and expertise. Whilst they are separate disciplines, change and project management work in unison, and the size and complexity of the project / initiative, determines the amount of effort required in each.

Benefits of Dedicated Organisational Change Management

A focused and structured change management plan, including tangible deliverables and timelines.

End-to-end management of all change activities.

Lower risks associated with the change.

Identified challenges that could hamper adoption and respond to these effectively.

Organisational readiness for the change.

Decreased resistance and increased rate of adoption.

People’s willingness to do things differently.

Increased likelihood of meeting business objectives.

Increased likelihood of meeting project deadlines, within time and budget.

The Case For Change

The Case for Change is a visual storyline that explains why we are changing, what is changing and the benefit to the employee, client and organisation. It is used for stakeholder engagement to create awareness and buy-in to the change.

What is Change?

Why are we changing?

Moving From and To

What pain points and opportunities will we address?

The Plan

How will we get there?

Benefits & Outcomes

What's in it for me, and how will we benefit as a whole?

Driving Acceptance and Sustainability

The assumption is that people impacted by the change will accept it and participate in it, however especially in the case where those being impacted by the change also need to implement the change, your opportunity to succeed can be greatly increased by including a change management capability.

A change management capability focuses on the people side of change, driving awareness, acceptance, adoption and sustainability of the change.

Every change affects an organisation’s employees and has the potential to create anxiety and stress. Anxiety and stress in turn result in lowered employee performance, which has a significant impact on your bottom line. This is why Diversified believes that engaging with employees effectively around change initiatives is critical to long-term business success and sustainability.

According to a study recently conducted by global best practice insights and technology company CEB, 70% of businesses say these changes are more complex than they’ve ever been, while 60% of managers say they don’t have the right experience to guide the changes.

As seasoned change and project managers, Diversified has the skills and expertise to assist you in boosting your employees’ performance so that you see return from your change investments. We do this by:

Ensuring your team is capable and set up for success

Improving collaboration and communication across all relevant stakeholders

Providing leadership guidance and team support

Providing a focused and disciplined change management approach, which changes people’s perception of the change

Managing a smooth transition from the old state to the desired state

Implementing efficient and honest communication strategies

Designing and implementing engagement strategies that reduce resistance to change

Moving employees from a stressful and anxious state to a place of excitement where the change is embraced

Our Change Management Blueprint

Our change management blueprint provides a framework for typical change management activities that support organisational and technology change. It has been built using years of collective experience, but it is not a one-size-fits-all, and our model and tools are adapted as needed for each client and context.

Our Change Management Blueprint