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Diversified Consulting hosts a bi-annual event called ChangeTalk. We want leaders, employees and
organisations to get excited about change management. We engage with industry leaders and change
management practitioners to get their views on what is and isn't working in change management. We'd
love you to connect and be a part of this by giving you a peek at our Key Note speaker presentations.

Let's connect, learn and be inspired.

29 August 2019 ChangeTalk

29 August 2019 | Driving Change While Navigating Organisational Politics

The focus is on organisational politics, discussing the relationship between change and politics, and; Navigating organisational politics, Levels of organisational politics, Practical skills and Harnessing the power of politics.

07 March 2019 ChangeTalk

07 March 2019 | Agile is From Venus, Change Management is From Mars

The focus is on Agile in change management, discussing the relationship between the two and the
topics of; an Agile mindset, Agile change delivery, Customer-centred design, and Minimum viable
change (MVC).

11 October 2018 ChangeTalk

11 October 2018 | Debunking Data Science Myths in Change Management

The focus is on the use of data in change management, discussing whether or not: Change management
value can be measured; Change management is people driven, not data driven; Data equals better
results; Data can’t predict outcomes and Data can replace intuition.

29 June 2018 ChangeTalk

29 June 2018 | Emerging Trends in Change Management

The focus is on moving change management from a discipline to a science through: Internal change
management capabilities; Greater leadership support; Integration with other practices; Data sciences
and Digital change tools.

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