Change Management Training

Change Management Training

Change Management Training: Movers and Shapers

Qualification ID: 252021 – NQF Level 5

Credits: 8

Modules: 8

Duration: 3 Days

Course Overview

Globalisation, digitisation and the fast-moving business environment make change inevitable. To remain competitive and continually grow market share and attract customers, organisations need to be equipped to embrace and manage change.

Developing organisational capabilities that foster rapid adaptation has therefore become a requirement for success. Businesses need to constantly identify and react to signals of change from the external environment, remain competitive and adjust and align to their internal environments.

As a result, organisations need people who can lead people through this changing environment and this training programme aims to equip these individuals to do just that.

Target Audience

This three-day learning programme is intended for any change practitioner or manager who leads and manages a team in an organisation in any economic sector. It provides change practitioners, business leaders and project managers with a structured and practical approach to applying change management methodologies to strategic initiatives, Agile and waterfall projects and changes in the business.

Learner Requirements

A minimum requirement for access to the learning programme is a certified senior certificate or equivalent.

Overall Programme Learning outcomes:

By the end of the programme learners will be able to:

Explain the concept of change management and the associated benefits

Evaluate yourself against the competencies of a leader and manager of change

Equip yourself to be a leader of change

Apply tactics to manage people’s resistance to change

Prepare a case for change to position the reason for and benefits of the change

Use models, methodologies and approaches to define and implement your change management plan

Use change management skills, competencies, tools and templates to drive awareness, acceptance, adoption and sustainability of change

Measure and monitor change management success and quantify the value of change management

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